Special Bobbin Holder for Free-Motion Quilting*

Product Code: 202006008
For top loading machines that don't have an auto threadcutter (scissor button) - not suitable for MC10001, MC10000, MC9700, MC9500 & MC8000. 

Pre-set with lower tension, this optional Bobbin Holder has the same structure as your original one but with the tension pre-set approximately 40% lower helping to produce neater stitching on the underside of your quilts.
The lower bobbin tension also gives more control for improved results with such speciality applications as "Hand Look Quilting" and is also ideal for "Ribbon Work" where thicker threads are used on the bobbin.
The blue marking on the top of this optional Bobbin Holder allows for easy identification from the standard one which has a red marking.

A popular option
*Please Note - Product part number is 200445007 for machine models: MC11000/MC11000SE/MC6600P/MC6500P/MC7700QCP and Product part number 858570102 for machine models : M50/MXL50/360DC/5060QDC

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