Feet and Attachments

Like sewing machines, feet and accessories are designed to make sewing easier, more professional and therefore more enjoyable. On the Janome JShop you will find a range of feet and accessories for many of your sewing needs whether creative or practical. As sewing machine designs have changed over the years so to have the feet and accessories available, so it is important that you check carefully which are suitable for your type of machine.

Janome Sewing machines generally fall into four categories.
Category A - Front loading machines (5mm width - short shank).
Category B - Top loading machines (6.5mm - 7mm width - short shank)
Category C - Top loading machines (7mm width - high shank)

Category D - Top loading machines (9mm width - high shank)

Specialist Machines & Accessories

FM725 & Xpression – Felting Machines, Horizon Memory Craft 15000/14000/12000/9400/8900QCP/8200QCP/7700QCP, Memory Craft 6600P, Atelier 9/Atelier 7, “AcuFeed / DualFeed System”, Memory Craft 1600P Series – Dedicated Straight Stitch Machines, CoverPro Series - Dedicated Cover Stitch Machines

Follow this link to see the machine category identification.

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