Memory Craft 1600P Series & HD9

The Memory Craft 1600P Series and HD9 machines are the Janome Professional Series sewing machines. They are dedicated straight stitch machines with aluminum bodies and longer arms that provide approximately 50% more working spacer than the average machine. These two industrial quality sewing machines have high powered motors which can sew up to 1600 stitches per minute, twice as fast as the average machine. They are flatbed machines styled for those bigger projects such as home furnishing, bridal wear and the ever popular quilting.

They have industrial quality tension, unique automatic thread cutter, knee lifter and many more wonderful features and come complete with a large extension table. They are ideal machines for the really serious sewing enthusiast who is looking for precise quality straight stitching at double the normal speed. As with all Janome machines they have a range of optional feet designed to make your sewing easier, more professional and therefore more enjoyable.

Please note that the MC1600P Series and HD9 machines do not use standard needles and only the ones listed below should be used.

These are available with 10 needles in the packet.